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Fanfic | Law and Order: CI

Title: Shoes Say It All
Fandom: Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Character(s): Alex Eames & Bobby Goren
Note: Written for the lawandorder100 challenge, Footwear. Set anytime.
Word Count: 105

That sweet smell of new leather was welcomed by his nose. The smooth texture against the palm of his hand was cool and refreshing...

"...you get your nose any deeper into that boot, you're gonna need a snorkle."

Goren paused. He slowly gazed upwards- watching as Eames pressed a hand to her hip, smirking.

"Uh... I have a theory..." he started, wanting to explain his train of thought.

"So do I." It was clear she wasn't referring to their current case in the way she dropped into her seat, with the teasing look on her face.

Goren was relieved when the Captain approached their desks.

Tags: [character] alex eames, [character] bobby goren, [law and order: ci], [writing] fanfic
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