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Fanfic | Stargate SG-1

Title: Serenity
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Rating: Suitable for all
Author's Notes: Based upon the prompt, Serenity, that I tossed out at the S/J Ship Thread at GW, and then decided I would give it a shot as well. It's small, but slightly bigger than a drabble.

There was something about lying flat on the cool sheets, which hugged the mattress below her, that gave Samantha Carter a content feeling deep inside. A rare moment of serenity. Something she rarely felt -- always on the go, always thinking -- but at times like these she would relax and let her thoughts go elsewhere. Of course, they never went too far, her mind was always focused on something- except now they just rested in the background, with a hum, as she waited for the phone to ring.

She looked forward to the conversation, to being able to talk to him without worrying about time limits or being interrupted by the grating sound of the klaxons in the background. This was about as close to heaven as she was ever going to get, and she wouldn't trade it for the world. She would never have opted for a long distance relationship, but they had found a happy balance.

These late night phone calls were one of those things they did, making sure they didn't drift apart from each other. Sam was certain that the only reason the phone conversations worked as much as it did was because the period of time between them meant that there was plenty to talk about.

A giant smile spread across her face as the phone rang. Yes, this was definitely her favourite time of the week. That calm feeling rushed over her once more when the voice of Jack O'Neill reached her ear.

Tags: [character] jack o'neill, [character] sam carter, [pairing] sam/jack, [stargate], [writing] fanfic
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