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Fanfic | Stargate SG-1

Title: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... Or Something Like It
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Gen. Jack O'Neill & Col. Sam Carter
A/N: Written for the GW Ship Thread 2009 Secret Santa -- for Rachel-Kree (rachelgrizott) There have been many versions of this... and I was trying too hard, I think. Posting it today because it's Monday and I was told to wait till then!

It was true to say that most of us have this idea of how Christmas should go. We all have our own traditions. Some people don't go for Christmas at all, and that was perfect to them. Samantha Carter's idea of Christmas had altered throughout her life so much that she didn't always recognise the signs that it was arriving; she never noticed all the crazy that surrounded the holiday season, she didn't even rush around to buy presents herself -- that was what the internet was for, and she didn't exactly have a giant list of friends to buy for.

But she knew one thing was true more than anything: no one liked getting stuck outside in deep snow. No amount of heating in your car can keep you warm, and the signal from a phone always failed you at times like those. So why was she happy to be sitting here, surrounded by walls of snow? Because for the first time in her life, it didn't matter too much about where she was, just who she was with. And she was with him - General Jack O'Neill.

He, however, was less than comfortable with the situation. He hated waited for others to fix the situation, and he currently hated his truck. The moment the loud sigh escaped his lips, she looked over at him and smirked, "It's not that bad."

"Carter," he started, "Don't tell me you're okay sitting here freezing off valuable body parts and losing the ability to use your fingers? Don't you remember what happened in Antartica?"

Oh, yeah, he was unhappy... It was still perfect.

"No, but it's not like we're going to be waiting for long. They did say it would just be fourty minutes," she explained, brushing her long hair out of her face.

"That's forty minutes too long!" he exclaimed. They fell into a comfortable silence; Sam watched the snow fall whilst Jack watched her. It wasn't too long before he let out another annoyed sigh, and started rapping out a rhythm with his fingers. Sam made no effort to stop him, she allowed him this small relief of his boredom. And though this would have been the perfect opportunity to think about her current projects, Sam found herself thinking about what Christmas would be like this year -- this would be the first one they would spend together on Earth, as a couple, and hopefully without the interruptions of the previous years. There was no intergalactic war on the go, nothing of great importance to achieve, there was just the holiday season before them. Sam couldn't wait to get home. She turned to him and gave him a small smile, a sign that she wanted to have a conversation. He took it and shot her a raised brow, "Hey."

"I was thinking--"

"I heard you," Jack interrupted with a smirk.

Sam smirked, too. "I was thinking about Christmas, and how this year is goi--"

He stopped her again, but this time he did so softly, and with the slight shake of his head. "I know," he nodded. "Me, too."

Once again, he knew what she was thinking and that cancelled out the need for them to use words. It was often how their conversations would go, they would finish each other's sentences and just know what the other wanted to discuss. Sometimes one would say something to throw the other off kilter, but they picked each other back up and carried on. Sam smiled as he leaned down to kiss her, gently.

It didn't take too long before their kissing became more enthusiastic. When he pulled away and gestured to the back seat, Sam smirked, "Just don't squash the cake."

Jack paused, pulling his head slightly back, "There's cake in here?"

Sam nodded, pointing to the box on the backseat.

"Oh, well, forget what we were gonna do. Let's have cake!" He thanked his lucky stars it was just a joke when she playfully swatted his arm. And he didn't care that it was going to be another 30 minutes until someone swooped in to save them - let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Tags: [character] jack o'neill, [character] sam carter, [secret santa], [stargate], [writing] fanfic
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