Emma Curle (curle_emma) wrote,
Emma Curle

Fanfic | Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Title: Happy
Fandom: Deep Space Nine
Character(s): Worf & Jadzia Dax
Notes: Written for lule_bell, who gave me the prompt Laughter

When you love someone, the whole of someone, you find you miss everything about them when they're gone. Their eyes, the smell of their hair, the undeniable ability to make you happy, and anything about them that is unique.

Worf believed there were many things he should miss -- the way they screamed together, broke furniture together, did battle side-by-side and how much she had made this warrior proud. Songs of their glory would be sung for years to come.

But mostly, he missed her laughter. The way she would light up a room just by simply being in it. He just couldn't imagine laughing without her.

Tags: [character] jadzia dax, [character] worf, [deep space nine], [writing] fanfic
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