Emma Curle (curle_emma) wrote,
Emma Curle

Fanfic | Stargate SG-1

Title: Caught
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Character(s): Sam/Jack, Hammond.
Notes: Written for halfbloodme, who gave me the prompt of "caught in his office". Set anytime between Season 4 and Season 7. This is an overused idea, but well, I couldn't stop my fingers from typing it up.

"How am I supposed to fit it in, Carter?!"

Hearing his 2IC command yell, Hammond paused near the office door. He couldn't help but listen. He had expected Jack to be doing paperwork. By himself.

"Shouldn't it be second nature to you," he heard Sam say before adding, "Sir."

There was a silent pause, Hammond assumed that she was getting a glare of some kind for that comment. "What about if I put it here instead?" he heard Jack ask.

"That is a better place, sir," Sam agreed.

"So, you like that?" His tone was teasing.

"Oh, yeah." She seemed far more enthusiastic than he expected. And was she breathless? His heart rate increased out of shock.

"I thought you might..."

Hammond pushed open the door, he had heard enough. What he found, however, was two of his finest officers trying to squeeze a huge stack of papers into a desk drawer.

Tags: [character] george hammond, [character] jack o'neill, [character] sam carter, [pairing] sam/jack, [stargate], [writing] fanfic
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